Looking for Magnetic Drum Separator ?

We are recognized manufacturer and exporter of optimum quality magnetic separators. Our magnetic drum separator are used in so many industries to maintain the service life of machinery. It is also used to enhance final product quality.Single drum magnetic separator is an enclosed device that ensures dust free operations. Single drum magnetic separator contains high density magnets.

It is also provided with isotropic permanent magnets for efficient removal of iron impurities. It is used in so many industries like grains, chemicals, minerals and many more.
Double drum magnetic separators are used in the applications where more efficiency is required. In double drum magnetic separator material is passed through drum twice. To offer desired result, ferrite magnets and stationary permanent magnets are used for the double drum magnetic separators.

To eliminate very fine iron impurities from the material or product, multi stage drum separators are used. It is used for bulk quantity of material. Our multi stage drum separators are available with various width sizes. To obtain desired purity of material, it is passed through the drum for thrice or for more time.