Manufacturer and Supplier Exporter of Magnetic Equipments

Electro Magnetic Equipments Exporter

As being leading manufacturer and exporter of best quality magnetic equipments, we offer great range of magnetic equipments used in different industrial activities. We offer high quality equipments like Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Filters, Wet Drum Magnetic Separator, Over Band Magnetic Separator, Magnetic Pulley, Grill Magnet, Pipe Line Magnetic Separator, Hump Magnet, Plate Magnet and Channel Magnet and many more.

With positive response of several industries of various foreign countries, we have developed best possible range of equipments to suite most their requirements perfectly. We are willing to have our business associates in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Romania, Tanzania, South Coria, Poland and Norway. We also provide heavy duty magnetic equipments and customized equipments for particular industrial activity. Our highly durable equipments with powerful magnets have put us on front from rest of our competitors. We have already developed successful business link in Sudan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Jamaica, Bolivia, Algeria, Angola, Oman, Nicaragua and Burma.

Magnetic Equipments